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Congratulations to both Casper (view submission) and Iurie (view submission) for becoming the first two of four total winners of the Intel Outgrade contest!

And congratulations to Kenth (view submission) and Stefan (view submission), our last two winners.

Thank you all for submitting your Outgrades!

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Submissions will be judged on humor, originality and simply how badly you need an Outgrade. Please keep it clean *and* awesome!

Get a chance to win a gaming notebook Outgrade.

EG and Liquid will judge the Outgrade submissions and select the best candidates to be Outgraded.

Become ridiculously famous among your friends and family.

We'll visit each Outgrade winner and film a short documentary about their Outgraded life. Everyone will be able to see how getting Outgraded just makes life better.

P703 Power & Portability More about
krepo's Outgrade

I'm constantly traveling around the world for tournaments and events, and with my profession, I can't afford to sacrifice performance while I'm on the … more

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